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Welcome to The Summit Group...

The Summit Group
has been serving the Retail Financial needs of its clients for over 15 years. The Summit Group is comprised of several customer-service companies that are specifically geared to service your needs.

Canadian Merchant Data Services Inc., ATM West, and Canadian National ATM supply Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and Automated Bank Machines (ABMs) that allow you to provide banking style services to your clients with a variety of creative revenue-sharing or purchase options.

Summit Distributors supplies Debit and Credit Card Terminals with advanced features like...

     Phone Cards (both physical and virtual)
     Gift Cards
     Loyalty Cards
     Bulk purchase cards ("pay for 10, get 12", etc.)

If you require financing for your equipment purchase, contact Smart Capital Financial for competitive rates.

Whatever your need, whatever your business, we're here to help..

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